We specialize in home inspection notices, property management maintenance, home remodeling and investment rehabbing. We manage every detail of every project; our pricing is competitive. We focus on our client 100%, from the meticulous details of an inspection to an investor's rehab.

Thanks, Wayne; that was such a good idea. It really makes me feel good about what we accomplished, and the difference is quite striking.
St. Louis, MO

I wanted to thank you on behalf of my seller (and myself) for the great job you did. My seller was out of town and you went the extra mile to make sure he was informed of all work to be done, saving me time. You were dependable, conscientious, professional and went over and above what was expected. That in itself is truly admirable. You made sure that the other agent in the process was shown what and how things were to be remedied and met with us more than once for the same issue, in the end proving there was not a problem, saving my seller money in repairs. Bravo! The work you took care of was not only difficult but needed to be done ASAP, which you made sure happened. Your sub-contractors were dependable, mannerly and professional. Once again thank you and I can't wait to send you more business. You're the best!
St. Louis, MO

Wayne, All closed out on Exeter and funded - thank you so very much. Bob and I are very grateful for all that you do. You are well respected in our Keller Williams office and now Bob and I can give testimony to your professionalism as well. We are always happy to be a reference for you future customers as well. Do not hesitate to have them call us. Thanks again.

Thanks again for helping us pull together that house in St. Charles so our nephew and his wife could move in! You all did a great job! We really needed you guys and you came through for us!

We had a major debacle with 2 other concrete guys on a driveway in Webster Groves. It was awful. Everyone was beyond frustrated, it was expensive and closing was looming, and still Webster was not satisfied. Wayne and Jewell Construction to the rescue. We called Wayne and that very day he had someone working on the problem. They met with Webster inspectors and they did the work fast, very fast; within a few days, they got Webster back out, [and] finally passed with flying colors. The seller was relieved, I was relieved, buyer's agent and buyer were relieved and we closed on time. We should have called Wayne & Jewell First. Fast. Good. Reasonable. Helpful. Efficient. Responsive. Everything you could ask for. They saved this deal and I'm grateful.

Thanks, Wayne. Your communication has been outstanding... I am guilty of frequently complaining when I think customer service has been shoddy then failing to mention when it is exceptional. I surely don't want to let that happen here.

"It really is a pleasure working with you. Integrity and trust are two important components in any relationship, and you have demonstrated both, so thank you very much."
Las Vegas, NV

"At the beginning of the year, I went on the search for a project coordinator, since I live in San Diego and wanted to rehab in St. Louis. I interviewed over 40 people. Interestingly, when I asked for references about 15 of them never sent them. I made a trip to St. Louis and interviewed over 17 people. One stood out! His name is Wayne Arling. He is just now completing a rehab for me. He has already completed rehabs for several friends as well. This dude rocks!" San Diego, CA

"Thanks for saving the day! Your prompt attention and resolution was greatly appreciated!" St. Louis

"Wayne, I just wanted to say that I appreciate the fact that you represent myself and the agents that I work for in such a professional manner. The work that you and your associates have done is top notch. It truly helps us shine in the eyes of the clients that we you to! Keep it up; I'm sure I'll be calling you soon!" Shana

"You were sensational! I have already thanked Shana and now have the opportunity to thank you, and let you know how great it was dealing with you. You are indelible in my referral mind and I look forward to our next chance to work together." Cindy