Realtor Services

Any real estate purchase can run into last minute issues; in fact, most of them do. You need to choose a general contractor that has a long history of surpassing expectations, getting homes up to code, and completing those necessary repairs in time for closing. Jewell works with many real estate agents, buyers and sellers to get homes ready for sale or for closing. Whether your property needs a clean out or a full rehab, Jewell Remodeling can get it done just in time.

Full or Partial Rehabs: If you're purchasing a property to "flip" or rehab, look no further! Jewell Remodeling has been doing home renovations since 1999, and has rehabbed over 200 units to date. For more details about our renovation services, look over our Remodeling page

Inspection Repairs: Time is of the essence when it comes to home inspection or Laclede Gas inspection repairs, and we are well aware of the urgency. Once approved, we will make sure all repairs are completed as soon as possible, and we'll keep you as involved as you like during the whole process. Contact us if you'd like references from other real estate agents.

Updates for Home Sales: Although there are those special buyers out there looking for a fixer upper, most buyers want to purchase a turnkey home; they don't want to move in and have a list of repairs to worry about, a failing roof to replace or damaged walls to patch and paint. If you're preparing a home to put it on the market, give us a call! We'll do everything from a room clean-out to a full property rehab. We can help get those little (or big) details taken care of so your home will show better, sell faster and make you more money.