Company history

Wayne Arling, Owner of Jewell Remodeling and Project Management

Wayne Arling - Owner & Senior Project Manager

After a 15-year career as an Industrial Engineer, Owner Wayne Arling started Jewell Project Management with customer service and convenience as his highest priorities. He began working with investment rehabs, and has since expanded his vision to other services, especially property management maintenance, home remodeling and real estate inspection repairs. Most recently, Wayne earned FHA approval as a general contractor for 203K renovation mortgage properties.

"My company will do an excellent job for you; we will be prompt and courteous, do a high quality job and keep your property as clean as possible. I follow up with each and every client to assure their satisfaction, and I hold my team to very high standards; we will not call a job complete until we know you are 100% satisfied! I look forward to working with you." - Wayne Arling


There are four main areas of services:


General property repair and remodeling
Whether it's fixing a leaky faucet, replacing your wooden front porch, adding new siding, or building a room addition, Jewell Remodeling is your source for general property repair.     More


Property Management Maintenance
If you have rental property in need of repairs or maintenance, look no further: we have experience working with property management companies and landlords, as well as their tenants. We can evaluate your situation and work with you to come up with the best                             solution for both parties.     More


Real Estate Inspection Repairs
Whether you're the buyer, the seller or the agent, we can come in and swiftly make the necessary repairs, schedule and attend any additional inspections and re-inspections so you can close on time; we make the process as stress-free as possible.     More


Investment Property Rehab
Owner Wayne Arling has rehabbed over 200 units in the St. Louis area; he knows what it takes to manage a complete home rehab! We can handle every aspect of your full rehab, and you can rest assured that your project is in very good hands! Ask us about the                                features we provide for investment rehab clients.     More

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