Creating a Relaxing Master Bath

Master baths have become one of the most important areas of the home.  Not only do we prepare for the day there, we also look forward to coming home to relax and unwind there.  If you are thinking of an upgrade or remodel to your existing master bath, consider the following to ensure you create the oasis of your dreams.

  • Function – Determine what you look forward to most.  If you love a long, hot shower, consider one with multiple shower heads and varying water output.  To relax and unwind, a deep, soaking tub with massaging jets and a free-standing faucet can also serve as a focal point in the bathroom.
  • Materials – Use large slabs of stone to create bath or shower walls for an uncluttered, clean look.  Muted lighting and a soft color pallet of grey, beige, soft yellow or blush will help create your spa-like retreat.



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